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Our Philosophy - Performance. Not Promises.

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ReChek does not require you to sign a long-term contract. We keep our customers through our performance, not promises or gimmicks. We do not sell or lease equipment. If necessary, we provide the equipment. 

Many hot check recovery services today make it difficult for you to leave them. At ReChek, you are never locked into a contract.

Over 97% of our customers remain with us because we perform. Most of our clients eventually see a reduction in the number of hot checks they receive. Our business philosophy has allowed these companies to reap the benefit of our experience in the industry.

We provide: 

  • training for our clients. We train the managers on how to establish and customize a check policy.
  • interactive employee training. We test your staff and their scores are sent to you. 
  • processing of all checks exactly how you ask us to - every time. 
  • filing of prosecution paperwork more efficiently. Our advanced system works seamlessly with most counties. 

We believe our service is second to none. Set up an appointment today to discover the ReChek difference.



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