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Business Partner Service (BPS)

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BPS was designed to create a revenue source for you from the fees electronically recovered from the hot check writer. This revenue source helps make up the losses from unrecoverable checks. 

Benefits of BPS: 

  • Creates a revenue source.
    Receive revenue share from any electronically collected check. 
  • Controls your losses.
    It's realistic to receive 100% recovery of your money and in many cases, even a profit. 
  • Saves you time.
    Our information allows you to manage your check exposure in minutes per month instead of hours. 
  • Saves you money.
    We report to you the financial data that you need to determine whether you need to use electronic verification. Ninety percent of the time, our competitors sell electronic verification where it is not needed. ReChek offers electronic verification, but we also offer other services that replace electronic verification at a fraction of the cost with the same results.


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