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Merchant Maintenance
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ReChek is staffed with experienced professionals who know how to recover hot checks. We have been providing excellent customer service and helping companies recover hot checks for over six years. In fact, we were one of the first companies to provide electronic check recovery services. We know the business and can help you meet your financial goals.

There are two basic methods of check recovery: 

  • sending letters asking for reimbursement and 
  • electronically going straight to the check writer’s bank account for the money. 

ReChek uses both methods on every check that we process. Over 90% of electronic recovery companies do not write letters to clients because they feel it is a waste of time and money. ReChek uses both approaches, allowing us to increase your recovery by 15% to 20%. 

In addition, ReChek offers: 

  • An advanced system for filing prosecution paperwork more efficiently (in most counties). 
  • Daily account monitoring for hot check writer’s next deposit. 
  • First claim to available funds in the hot check writer’s bank account. 

When you use a professional recovery company to represent you, it helps you to maintain a good public image by disassociating your company with the recovery process. Set up an appointment today to discover the ReChek difference.


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