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Check guarantee companies promise you they will guarantee 100% of your checks. About 70% of ReChek's current clients used to have a guarantee contract. They have since learned that ReChek’s professional collection results beat a promised guarantee every time. 

Good check recovery companies offer similar services:

  • Notification of bounced items
  • Electronic recovery
  • Traditional recovery methods
  • Revenue sharing
  • Notification of paid items
  • Electronic verification
  • Web access to your accounts

Premium check recovery companies may offer additional services:

  • No long term contracts
  • Process every check – NSF, closed account, stolen, refer-to-maker
  • Weekly reimbursement
  • Filing with county authorities, where possible
  • Civil attorney when county authorities do not cooperate
  • Non-electronic verification
  • Unlimited client consulting

ReChek offers all of these services and more. Call us at 1.800.419.3716 or set up an appointment today so that we can demonstrate to you the ReChek difference. 


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