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ReChek offers premium services that enable your company to better manage its hot check recovery operations. ReChek offers the following advantages:
  • Automatic forwarding of your hot checks to ReChek.

  • Updated check acceptance procedures.
    Our consultants are here to help our clients evaluate their situation and make recommendations for improvement. 

  • Interactive employee training.
    ReChek offers automated cashier training that only takes a few minutes per employee. We test your staff and their scores are automatically sent to you.

  • Instant notice when we receive one of your hot checks.
    The day one of your hot checks gets to our office, a detailed notice will be sent out by email, fax, or U.S. mail, based on your preferences. 

  • Daily account monitoring for hot check writer's next deposit.
    The hot check writer makes their next deposit and we get your money. 

  • First claim to available funds in the hot check writer's bank account.
    Banks routinely post electronic items to consumer's accounts before they post paper checks. This means that most of the time, our electronic process gets first claim to any cash in their account. 

  • 100% of the recovered face amount of the check.
    All of ReChek's programs are designed so ReChek's profits are taken only after we collect your money. 

  • Electronic deposit of recovered funds into the account of your choice.
    We electronically deposit any money that we have collected for you. You can designate the account you would like the money deposited into. 

  • Weekly reimbursements.
    Each week, your recovered money gets deposited back to your account. 

  • Management reports that your bookkeeper can actually use.
    We provide information that enables you to manage check losses with simple, clear numbers. Contact us today to experience the ReChek difference. 

  • Every check processed, not just NSF.
    ReChek is a full-service check recovery company. At our clients discretion, ReChek handles any hot check regardless of why it returned. 

  • When possible, filing on your behalf for criminal prosecution.
    Most counties will do their best to help companies stop "theft by check." If permitted, ReChek will fully complete necessary county paperwork and submit it to them on your behalf. 

  • Accuracy washing for needed items.
    ReChek investigates and corrects inaccurate information that may be presented on your hot checks. 

  • Loss management consulting.
    ReChek believes in building a team relationship with our clients by providing consulting and training. This enables us to better evaluate your situation, create check policies, and work towards better managing your loss.

  • OVER 100% of the recovered face amount of the check with Business Partners Service (BPS)
    BPS was designed around the concept of creating a revenue source from fees electronically recovered from the hot check writer. This revenue source helps make up the losses from unrecoverable checks.

  • 24-hour access to view your account on the internet with WebView.
    WebView allows you to access your check information online. It includes a real-time, up-to-the-minute look at the status of each and every returned check you’ve received. You can also view front and back images of these checks to help in your management decisions.

  • Verification without equipment with HotList.
    HotList provides managers with a daily notice of all individuals with outstanding checks (on a store-by-store or group basis) without the need for electronic verification. Its flexibility allows you to design feedback that exactly fits your needs.
  • Electronic Verification. 
    With electronic check verification, you can scan all of your checks through our database to check for any negative information on that check writer. Our extensive database can help you take checks with confidence. 

    If you select electronic check verification, you will receive a check scanner and unlimited scans. ($495 value).

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